"I deeply value the education I received at West Mifflin. It is a place that I have always loved and would be humbled to serve as a board member. I believe in hearing every voice and making sure that the needs of the students are met."



There are many great programs at West Mifflin. In the high school alone, there are courses ranging in topics from computer aided drafting and design (CADD) to microbiology to music theory, and many more. There are brick and mortar courses as well as non-traditional concepts like the WM Cyber Academy. The district has learning management software and great technology within the classrooms. We need to ensure that these programs and resources are supported and that students are taking advantage of them to reach their fullest potential. We must continue to expand and refine the curriculum to give students the best opportunities upon graduation.


I have never believed in a one size fits all education. I think it is important to promote differentiated instruction within the classroom and within the curriculum. Not every student is college bound, and that is not a problem. For those that are, we need to continue to offer academically rigorous AP courses, dual enrollment, and proper electives. We also need to ensure students know about additional and alternative options such as Steel Center, early work release, and AFJROTC. 


The role of a communicator is essential and overlooked too often by school board members and the board in general. I would work to have open and publicized communication with the community. Many other districts in the area have a public relations committee on the board or a designated public relations coordinator. See my ideas for more.


The children of West Mifflin are its future, and that future is greatly impacted by the education our school offers and the environment and support offered for students. It is the job of a school board member to ensure that the students are receiving the best education in the best environment possible, and that would be a highly important influence in my every action and vote as a board member.


Disagreements on issues are a natural part of politics. As a school board member, grappling with policies such as education, taxes, and spending will be handled differently by different people and raise different concerns in the community. As a board member, hearing and respecting what any person has to say, especially fellow board members, is vital. I believe that all voices deserve to make their points and defend them. 


As the former editor-in-chief of both the student newspaper at West Mifflin and at Slippery Rock University, I have always believed in the dissemination of both positive and negative information to the public in a clear and concise manner. It is essential that the school board not only make smart decisions to benefit education, but also that those decisions be clearly explained to the community at large. In some instances, the board does have closed-door meetings called executive sessions; however, discussion in these meetings is limited to very specific things. As a board member, I would ensure that as much as possible, discussions are had in the light of public sessions and are publicized effectively. 


"The mission of West Mifflin Area School District – in partnership with families and community – is to establish a challenging and safe learning environment, where all students will attain the quality education and life experiences to become responsible life-long learners and contributing members of an ever-changing global society."

See more details in the IDEAS section.


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