• Ensure meaningful, engaging curriculum and resources - with emphasis on special education as well as science and social studies at the elementary school level

  • Appreciate that not every student is college bound, and that is not a problem. For those that are, we need to continue to offer academically rigorous AP courses, dual enrollment, and proper electives. Students must know about additional and alternative options such as Steel Center, early work release, AFJROTC, and the Titan Cyber Academy in the works

  • Create curriculum "tracks" indicating specialized courses taken in high school or requirements within the school for recognition on a student's diploma (i.e. Community Service Distinction, Music Track, STEM Track, Scholar Athlete, etc.) 

  • Address the low performance and declining enrollment problems significantly harming our school

  • "State of the District" survey to administration, teachers, parents, students, and alumni examining the needs of the school district and what is being done effectively

  • Collect and interpret data on what teachers are doing within their classrooms to showcase what we are doing as well as examine what we need to improve for education (how many teachers would say they are meaningfully differentiating instruction, what elements of your classroom are unique or out of the box, are out of classroom experiences used, etc.)

  • Make sure that the district is seeking every avenue possible for additional funding to keep quality educational options for students and bring in new opportunities

  • Won't blow $450,000+ in taxpayer money on a jumbotron

    • While I believe in providing necessary equipment and facility improvements for ​our athletes, this is a prime example of an outlandishly overpriced expense

  • Work to better address reasons students are opting for private/charter/cyber schools to ensure our district can sustain a quality education for all, be competitive, and serve as a selling point for new families looking to move to the area

  • Actually listen and work to address things that students, parents, and members of the community are bringing to the board's attention

  • Restore public comment to all board meetings

  • Respect what all voices on the board and in administration voice and bring to the table to advance the future of our schools

  • Actively work to make sure all students are getting the education they need for an ever-changing global society

  • Make sure all students can be safe at school

    • With my background in infectious diseases, I would advocate for a safe school environment and one where everything is in place and enforced to prevent disease outbreak

    • I think the district needs to have an open and serious discussion about school security, resource officers, and safety measures being taken as well as promoting and better taking advantage of the mental health services and counseling services relevant to this conversation​

    • I support the Transgender and Gender Expansive Guidelines called for by the community and passed by the board.

  • Stronger district social media presence and engagement, publicizing the great things our schools are doing and better explaining what is going on

  • Request the superintendent and/or board president gives a public, yearly "State of the District" address, updating the public about the year and the future of the West Mifflin - including the budget, enrollment, and education of students in the district

  • Hold the district accountable for public relations and communication

    • For example, there were multiple times a public forum or Q&A session for the new school year was promised for parents and it never happened

  • Press releases and improved relations with media outlets

  • Broadcast videos of board meetings live and make them available afterwards for the public - WATCH MEETINGS NOW

  • Have the district website revamped to allow clearer communication and easier access to information